What you need to know

CALENDAR OF CLASSES Class size restrictions will vary by the difficulty. EZ-PZ up to 12 NOO-B 8 CRASH 6, Please reserve your spot. JOE PRO 3, Please reserve your spot.

Pinterest, for what doesn’t bore you.

I love Pinterest for the miraculous way it connects you with fringe ideas and related content. Check my SEEN & SURFED often for unexpected, intriguing, and beautiful jewelry.  My Pinterest board Seen & Surfed

This is where it happens

Ever wanted to go further than the tools at hand could take you? Find out how to make some quantum leaps in your creativity with me as I dabble and experiment on your behalf! Primarily a jewelry site, going beyond beading, and focusing on root elemental mysteries of metalwork, but not above ingenious applications of…

JoeBobLeigh goes Bloggy.

In a move toward a more mobile-friendly presentation, I am applying myself to the blog format.

JOE’S Garage

Welcome to my place for making, creating, and connecting. 😜